1) эк. торговля, реализация, продажа, сбыт (процесс передачи товаров от производителей промежуточным или конечным потребителям)

agricultural marketing — реализация сельхозпродукции

catalogue marketing — продажа по каталогам

ATTRIBUTES: cooperative, direct 1. 3), domestic 1. 2) а), global 1. 1) а), local 1. 1) а), mass 3. 1) а), national 1. 1) а), regional

2) марк. маркетинг (система методов и средств продвижения товаров или услуг от производителя к потребителю; включает анализ рынка, дизайн, разработку упаковки, разработку системы сбыта, рекламу и т. д.)

marketing career — карьера в сфере маркетинга

marketing consultant — консультант по маркетингу

marketing director — маркетинговый директор, директор по маркетингу

marketing executive — маркетинговый руководитель

marketing experience — опыт в области маркетинга

marketing expert — маркетинговый эксперт, эксперт в области маркетинга

marketing expertise — маркетинговая экспертиза, экспертная оценка в области маркетинга

Do we need to improve marketing or simply drop a particular product? — Нужно ли нам улучшить маркетинг или лучше отказаться от какого-л. продукта?

Internet marketing is not as difficult as it sounds. — Маркетинг в интернет не так сложен, как может показаться.

ATTRIBUTES: affinity, agricultural, ambush, back end, bank, bench, brand, business site, business-to-business, buzz, catalogue, cause-related, celebrity, circulation, competitive, concentrated 1) а), consumer goods, consumer, consumer-oriented, convergent, conversion, cooperative, corporate, counter, cross, customized, database, data-driven, developing, differentiated, dimensional, direct mail, direct, direct response, divergent, domestic 2) а), door-to-door, electronic, enlightened, ethnic, event, exponential, export 3. 2) а), farm 1. 1) а), financial 1. 2) а), foreign 1. 1) б), fraudulent, front end, full-scale, generic, geodemographic, global 1. 1) б), grassroots, green, grey, health care, housing, idea, incentive, industrial 1. 1) а), а, innovative, integrated, interactive, international, Internet, joint, knowledge-based, leveraged, list, local 1. 1) а), mass, media, multichannel, multilevel, multisegment, multistep, national 1. 1) а), negative option, network, niche, non-profit, one-step, one-to-one, on-line, operational, opt-in, opt-out, organic, organizational, permission, person, personal, personnel, place, product, product-differentiated, product-oriented, promotion, promotional, referral, regional, request, retail, scientific, segmented, sense-of-mission, service 1. 2) а), shopper, social, societal, sports, stimulating, strategic, structure, supporting, symbiotic, synchro, tactical, target 3. 2) а), targeted, telephone, television, test, trade, undifferentiated, unsegmented, vacation, value, vendor, video, viral, world

affinity marketing, agricultural marketing, agrimarketing, ambush marketing, back end marketing, back-end marketing, bank marketing, benchmarketing, brand marketing, business site marketing, business-to-business marketing, buzz marketing, catalogue marketing, cause-related marketing, celebrity marketing, circulation marketing, comarketing, co-marketing, competitive marketing, concentrated marketing, consumer goods marketing, consumer marketing, consumer-oriented marketing, convergent marketing, conversion marketing, cooperative marketing 1), corporate marketing, countermarketing, counter-marketing, cross-marketing, customized marketing, database marketing, data-driven marketing, demarketing, developing marketing, differentiated marketing, dimensional marketing, direct mail marketing, direct marketing 1), direct response marketing, direct-mail marketing, divergent marketing, domestic marketing 1), door-to-door marketing, electronic marketing, e-marketing, enlightened marketing, ethnic marketing, event marketing, events marketing, exponential marketing, export marketing, farm marketing, financial marketing, foreign marketing, fraudulent marketing, front end marketing, front-end marketing, full-scale marketing, generic marketing, geodemographic marketing, global marketing 1), grassroots marketing, green marketing, grey marketing, health care marketing, housing marketing, idea marketing, incentive marketing, industrial marketing, innovative marketing, integrated marketing, interactive marketing, international marketing, 2), joint marketing, knowledge-based marketing, leveraged marketing, list marketing, local marketing 1), macromarketing, mass marketing 1), media marketing, megamarketing, micromarketing, micro-marketing, multilevel marketing, multisegment marketing, multistep marketing, multi-step marketing, national marketing 1), negative option marketing, network marketing, niche marketing, non-profit marketing, one-step marketing, one-to-one marketing, on-line marketing, operational marketing, opt-in marketing, opt-out marketing, organic marketing, organizational marketing, permission marketing, person marketing, personal marketing, personnel marketing, place marketing, political candidate marketing, political marketing, pre-emptive marketing, premarketing, pre-marketing, product marketing, product-differentiated marketing, product-oriented marketing, promotion marketing, promotional marketing, referral marketing, regional marketing 1), remarketing, request marketing, retail marketing, scientific marketing, segmented marketing, sense-of-mission marketing, services marketing, shopper marketing, social marketing, societal marketing, sports marketing, stimulating marketing, strategic marketing, structure marketing, supporting marketing, symbiotic marketing, synchro marketing, synchromarketing, tactical marketing, target marketing, targeted marketing, telemarketing, telephone marketing, television marketing, test marketing, trade marketing, undifferentiated marketing, unsegmented marketing, vacation marketing, value marketing, vendor marketing, video marketing, viral marketing, world marketing, marketing action, marketing administration, marketing agency, marketing agreement, marketing analysis, marketing analyst, marketing appeal, marketing approach, marketing area, marketing arithmetic, marketing audit, marketing auditor, marketing behaviour 1), marketing bill, marketing budget, marketing campaign, marketing capability, marketing career, marketing chain, marketing channel, marketing communications, marketing company, marketing concept, marketing consultant, marketing control, marketing cooperation, marketing cooperative, marketing cost, marketing database, marketing decision, marketing department, marketing editor, marketing effectiveness, marketing efficiency, marketing environment, marketing ethics, marketing evaluation, marketing event, marketing expenditure, marketing expense, marketing expense-to-sales analysis, marketing experiment, marketing facilities 2), marketing feasibility, marketing firm, marketing function, marketing image, marketing implications, marketing information system, marketing instrument, marketing intelligence, marketing intermediary, marketing launch, marketing level 1), marketing logistics, marketing man, marketing management, marketing manager, marketing margin, marketing media, marketing medium, marketing middleman, marketing mix, marketing model, marketing myopia, marketing niche, marketing offer, marketing opportunity, marketing organization, marketing orientation, marketing outlet 1), marketing overkill, marketing performance, marketing plan, marketing planning, marketing position 1), marketing positioning, marketing potential 1), marketing productivity, marketing representative, marketing research, marketing response, marketing risk, marketing science, marketing scientist, marketing segmentation, marketing service, marketing specialist, marketing spread, marketing stimulus, marketing strategy, marketing strength, marketing support, marketing system, marketing tactics, marketing technique, marketing tool, marketing transaction 1), marketing value, marketing warfare, marketing weakness, advertising, pricing, promotion, product line, ICC / ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice, ICC Guidelines / Code on Advertising and Marketing on the Internet, ICC International Codes of Marketing and Advertising Practices, Journal of Marketing, Marketing Society, American Marketing Association, British Institute of Marketing, Chartered Institute of Marketing, Communication, Advertising and Marketing Education Foundation, Communication, Advertising and Marketing Education Foundation, Communication, Advertising and Marketing Education Foundation, Communication, Advertising and Marketing Education Foundation, Communication, Advertising and Marketing Education Foundation, Communication, Advertising and Marketing Education Foundation, Communication, Advertising and Marketing Education Foundation, Communication, Advertising and Marketing Education Foundation
3) торг. покупка продуктов (как правило, на рынке), закупка провизии

I could prove that any male could do the weekly marketing at our local Ding Dong faster than any Mom. — Могу сказать с уверенностью, что любой мужчина может закупать провизию в нашем местном "Динг-Донге" быстрее домохозяйки.

shopping, market 1. 1) а)
4) потр., редк. предметы торговли; купленные товары [продукты\]

* * *
маркетинг: система методов и средств продвижения товаров от производителя к потребителю; включает анализ рынка, дизайн, разработку упаковки, организацию сбыта, рекламу и т. д.
* * *
. система организации производственно-сбытовой деятельности предприятия, в основе которой лежит комплексное изучение рынка, оценка и учет всех условий производства и сбыта продукции, товаров, услуг в ближайшее и более отдаленной перспективе. Основными элементами М. выступают: маркетинговые исследования и сбор информации, планирование ассортимента продукции, реализация, реклама и стимулирование сбыта. . Словарь экономических терминов 1 .
* * *
процесс выявления, максимизации и удовлетворения потребительского спроса на изделия компании

Англо-русский экономический словарь.

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